Pekka Persson is working in a broad field of techniques and expressions, with a scientific and loveable interest in art as a collective language of imagery. As a red line it can be characterized by juxtapositions, in the sense of a constant journey where one meets the unexpected and
ultimately becomes a product of incorporations. Acknowledging that everything is an ongoing process, and what was then, has now changed, accordingly he has began doing remakes of earlier work as part of his continous exploration.
      He began studying film at the University before going to different art schools ending with a MD at The National Art & Craft in Oslo, Norway 1989. Major Solo shows: Beauty Wounds The Heart (Henie Onstad Art Centre, Oslo 2005), Circulations (Lunds Konsthall, Sweden 2000 and Hå Gamle Prestegaard, Stavanger 2000), Big True Big Lie (Hordaland Kunstsenter 2004). He was awarded a first prize at Essen Art Film Festival (Germany 1994). At the moment he participates in a retrospective Norwegian video art 1990-2000 tour (ATOPIA). He has traveled extensively and studied many different cultures, and for several years been working and exhibiting within independent art communities in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Egypt. In 2009-10 Pekka Persson curated an artproject 30 Degrees, between Egypt and Norway at Gezira Art Centre, Cairo and International Culture Gallery, Oslo. In 2013 he moved to new surroundings. Lives and works outside Oslo.


2009-2010                           30 Grader                                                           Galleri IKM,Oslo / Gezira Art Centre, Kairo

2008                                    Behind Your Eyes                                               Artellewa, Kairo, Egypt

2008                                    Strøm                                                                  Candyland, Stockholm

2007                                    Love Your Enemy                                                Galleri Voss

2006                                    Disguise                                                              Arendal Kunstforening

2005                                    Falling Image                                                      Atelier du Caire, Kairo, Egypt

2005                                    Beauty wounds the heart                                   Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

2004                                    Time travel                                                         Galleri TP, Malmö

2004                                    Big True Big Lie                                                  Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen

2003                                    Ecce Homo                                                         Sandvika Kulturhus

2003                                    Krim                                                                    Galleri Uffizzi; Høvik

2000                                    Sirkulasjon                                                          Hå Gamle Prestegaard

2000                                    Sirkulasjon                                                          Lunds Konsthall, Sverige

2000                                    Just a Moment                                                    Galleri Uffizzi, Bekkestua



2011                                    Unstable structures                                            Galleri LNM, Oslo

2008                                    30 Grader                                                            Kulturfestival, Torshovparken

2004                                    PAR                                                                     Seljord Kunstforening

1998                                    Møte                                                                   Galleri Stadt/URD, Trelleborg/Bergen

1994                                    DIALOG V                                                            RAM Galleri, Oslo / Tyholmen Galleri, Arendal

1993                                    DIALOG IV                                                           Peder Balkesenteret, Kapp

1992                                    DIALOG II                                                            RAM Galleri



2017                                    Norsk Videokunst 1990-2000                             Atopia tour

2008                                    Levende landskap                                               Bærum Kunstforening

2007                                    Norsk fotografi rundt årtusenskiftet                   Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum

1999                                    Curtained Reality                                                Oslo Kunstforening / RAM Galleri

1995                                    Høstutstillingen                                                   Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

1989,1993                           Norsk Kunsthåndverk                                           Kunstindustrimuseet

1991                                    Krysspunkt – DIALOG III                                      Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

1990                                    1001 miniatyrer                                                   Galleri F15



2009                                    Broke                                                                    Installasjon DVD 6:00                                         

2008                                    Still Moving                                                          Performance DVD 2:00                                       

2008                                    Come Fly With Me                                               Performance DVD 5:00

2007                                    Oslo Open, juryert utstilling                                Cinemateket, Oslo

2007                                    4. Independent Film Festival                                Russian House, Kairo

2006                                    Everyone is wearing a disguise                            DVD 6:00

2006                                     3. Independent Film Festival                               Russian House, Kairo, Egypt

2005                                    Historiske detaljer                                                DVD 35:00

2005                                    Falling Image Falling Sound                                  DVD 21:00 - Musikk: Stefan Klaverdal

2000                                     CyclopBuddha og Skogsturen,                             Video og skulptur (installasjon)

1999                                    Øyne i nakken                                                       Video 02:30 loop

1994                                    Filmfestivaler: Grimstad,Tromsø,Oslo 

1993                                    ”Film As Art”                                                         1. Pris kunstfilmfestival, Essen, Tyskland

1992                                    Wind Of Time                                                        35mm 08:30. Musikk: Sven Lyder Khars



2004                                    Norsk Kulturråd, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum

2002                                    Bærum Kommune Kunstsamlinger

2000                                    Bærum Kommune Kunstsamlinger

2000                                    Lund Kommune, Sverige



2010                                    Renovasjonsetaten, Oslo Kommune

2002                                    Emma Sansehus

2000                                    Sandvika Teater

1997                                    Telenor, Oslo/ Kongsberg Systec

1994                                    LM Ericsson, Arendal



2009                                    30 Degrees                                                         Katalog prosjekt Kairo-Oslo

2005                                    Beauty wounds the heart                                   Katalog Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

2000                                    The End Of The World                                        Katalog Sirkulasjon

1992                                    Reconstructing Computer Age                            Katalog RAM Galleri



1984-89                               Hovedfag                                                             Kunsthøyskolen, Oslo

1982-83                               Visuell kommunikasjon                                       Arkitekthøyskolen, København

1977-78                               Teater og Film Vitenskap                                    Lund Universitet, Sverige



2014                                    Arbeidsstipend                                                     Lindbäck Langaards Stiftelse

2013                                    Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond                        NBK

2009                                    Kulturstipend                                                        Oslo Kommune

2008                                    Prosjektstøtte Oslo-Kairo                                     NBK; Norsk Kulturråd; Sagene Bydel

2008                                    Arbeidsstipend                                                     Lindbäck Langaards Stiftelse

2007                                    Reisestipend                                                        Statens kunstnerstipend

2005                                    Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond                        NBK

2004                                    Utstillingsstipend                                                 Norsk Kulturråd

1999                                    Utstillingsstøtte                                                   Norsk Kulturråd

1998                                    Prosjektstøtte                                                       NBK

1995                                    Arbeidsstipend                                                     Bildkonstnärsfonden, Sverige

1993                                    Prosjektstøtte                                                       NK Vederlagsfond

1991                                    Filmstipend                                                           Kassettavgiftsfondet


OPPDRAG i utvalg

2012-                                   Akershus Kunstsenter: kunstnerisk råd, utstillinger, formidling kunstvisitten

2010-11                               Workshop i digital fotobehandling. Diverse oppdrag for kunstnere.

2009                                    Kurator for kunstprosjekt ”30 Degrees” Kairo-Oslo

                                            Kunstnerisk Installasjon om gjenbruk, for Oslo Kommune Renovasjonsetat

                                            Workshop Orientalsk portrettfotografi, Sagene Bydel

                                            Gjesteatelier aug-sep Stockholm

                                            Skulpturoppdrag og Fotoarbeid, NRK

                                            Utstillingsansvarlig for Sandvika Rådhus, Konsulent for Bærum Kommune

                                            Jury for Det Tverrfaglige Kunstinstitutt, Haslum

2008                                    Gjesteatelier Kairo

                                            Video og projeksjon for Martin Slaatto: Performance ”Rå Sløyfe”

                                            Utstillingsansvarlig kollektivutstilling Kunst Rett Vest, Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

                                            Montering av utsmykking på Solbakken BBS, Bærum

                                            Jury arbeide for Kunst Rett Vest

2007                                    Utstillingsansvarlig kollektivutstilling Kunst Rett Vest, Slemmestad, Røyken

                                            Presentasjonsvideo DVD for billedkunst i Vestregionen

                                            Kurs i digital fotobehandling Oslo Musikk og Kulturskole

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